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BBvma Neukölln

The colorful highlight of the ghetto neighborhood. 10 students AG Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium

After visiting the 10th Berlin Biennale, interests in certain themes, techniques and materials crystallized: Neukölln should be the stage. There were small excursions and talks about the district, the wide streets and shops, the multiculture, the interaction between the people who live there and the role that you play there. Anything was possible in terms of artistic implementation: from drawing to photography or from designing on the computer to the production of everyday objects. From the beginning, the weekly work with the group has served to build up a rich dialogue. The wishes and ideas of the participants were always taken into account. In the beginning they worked with analogue and digital cameras to explore the Neukölln district. They collected words, wrote stories and made collages and cyanotypes. In order to bring all these ideas together, the group decided to set up a “Neukölln Souvenir Shop”. In this context, there has been a lot of discussion about pop culture and Ready Mades. Mobile phone covers, slime jars, hoodies, postcards and audio files have been created. One of the big highlights was the workshop with Johanna Unzueta, artist of the 10th Berlin Biennale. She showed the group her special painting and drawing technique and shared her knowledge. The artistic work entitled Mikrokosmos developed from this collaboration.

Alexia Manzano


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